My Migraine Headaches Have Finally Been Healed After 20 Years! I Went from Denying Chiropractic Claims to Becoming an Advocate

migraine headache healed with chiropractic care
Catherine R. and Dr. Patrick Baker

I went from being an insurance adjuster denying chiropractic claims to becoming an advocate for chiropractic care. My migraine headaches have finally been healed after 20 years!

I was asked to see Dr. Baker by Mrs. Renee Courtney (Pitts). I was experiencing severe migraines for the last I’ll say 20 years. In 1997 they were the worse I had ever had. I was on several medicines and decided to get off them cold turkey. Of course the doctor tells you not to do this. So please don’t go cold turkey. I got very ill. But to this day I do not take all that medicine any longer. I do still experience the migraines.

In 2010, I was fainting while driving and they thought I was having seizures. So the Dr. had tests ran and put me on medication even though the tests would be negative. Then I would faint sitting at my desk and now they would send me to a heart specialist and they put me on medication as well, test still negative. Every time that I would faint I would be referred to some other doctor and they would put me on a prescription and the results were endless.

I was talking to Mrs. Courtney and she asked me if I would go to Dr. Baker with her just to see what he did. I was so skeptical because I used to process claims back in the day and chiropractors were not considered doctors of health. So I was denying claims left and right.

After being there Dr. Baker told me that he could help me. Well of course this sounded great. I was impressed with the wellness care and no medicine was involved. I went for the treatment plan and was amazed how much my spine was out of line.

I started to go and to my surprise I was able to see (I mean that the pain had me all fogged up). Everything looked clearer than I could imagine. The migraine was not as severe as before. And I was heading towards improvement.

Well then Dr. Baker went on vacation. The headache came right back. You see I was not getting the treatment while he was gone. Now I can say that the adjustments I am receiving is truly helping me. I look forward to getting the adjustments and feeling better.

I only talk about what I know and I know that the adjustments really work for me. I will tell every person I know that is having pain to at least think about what the medicine is doing to your body. If you can have an adjustment and not put a foreign object in your body than take the latter.

Now it has been over a year and I feel great the headaches only comes back if I am not receiving the proper adjustments to keep my body in line.

I look forwarding to see everyone in the office. It has been an amazing journey. I love going where I can talk about the Lord and seeing what God is doing in this practice. I have seen people literally get out of wheel chairs and return to walking. Look at God operating in Dr. Baker and his practice to do his work.

Everyone at Dr. Baker’s office, I would like to thank you for being so kind and helping me see that there is a better way to healthy living.

A Special Thanks to Dr. Patrick Baker (keep doing God’s work).*

In Christ,
Catherine R.


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