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My Son Had Ear Infections and Avoided Surgery To Place Tubes in His Ears and Remove His Adenoids

ear infection and hearing loss
Dudro children and Dr. Paul Baker

In January, Casey failed a hearing test due to fluid that wasn’t draining from both of his ears after a double ear infection in December. The doctors agreed that surgery to insert another set of tubes and remove the adenoids was the solution. While these are both very common surgeries these days, I was still disappointed and frustrated not really understanding why this was the only solution.

Another mother told me about holistic chiropractic care as an option and referred me to Dr. Paul Baker. She said how wonderful he was with kids. I started doing research, reading books, and found there was a connection between the spine and ear infections that had many success stories. I got Casey in as quickly as I could start treatment. I was trying not to get my hopes up, but wanted to try it before the surgery. I wasn’t sure if it would work in our situation.

In the mean time, my husband asked our pediatrician about chiropractic care as an option for ear infections. While she said it was okay to try, she hadn’t heard success stories about that type of treatment. Turns out Casey had a lot of compression of his spine (subluxations) right around his neck. This area does link up with the nerves that control the ears. The left ear is now completely free of fluid and the right ear (which was the worse ear) only has a little fluid left in it. We were all thrilled!

My husband, still the skeptical one, wanted another opinion and evidence that Casey’s hearing was okay. I scheduled another hearing test for a week later and his hearing was absolutely normal now! I have the before and after hearing tests that document the evidence! The audiologists were very curious about what kind of things a chiropractor could do to help with fluid in the ears. I swear it was the first time they had ever heard of it.
Casey’s adjustments have also helped that dreadful croupy cough he usually gets. While in Florida last week, a few of us had a cough. Casey coughed a little one morning and that was as far as it went. Usually, it would last another week to 10 days and keep him up at night. I have heard kids that get regular adjustments are healthier and have few colds that are shorter in length. With as sick as Casey has been most of his life and all the ear infections, I can’t wait! I am so sick of having all the latest cold medicines with not much relief for either of my kids.

Thanks for all your help!*
Amy Dutro

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