The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report more than one-third of the adults in the United States today are obese. Ohio ranks 8th on the list of states with the highest adult obesity rates. Kentucky ranks 12th and Indiana ranks 7th.

Obesity is a health disorder where you have too much body fat. It’s a condition that develops over time and is typically caused by consuming more calories than you burn.

Obesity is not necessarily the same thing as being overweight. Being overweight simply means that you weigh too much, a condition that may or may not be caused by obesity. Weight not only comes from fat, it also comes from muscle, water retention and other factors.

People who are battling obesity are placed in a high danger zone of risk for developing very serious adverse health conditions including diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, arthritis and cancer.

For those who have become obese, it’s important to educate yourself on both how you got to this point and the lifestyle changes you need to make to escape the physical and mental death-grip of obesity.

At Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, we have been helping patients with obesity for over 25 years. We do this by using our safe and effective chiropractic care. We do not use any prescription medications or surgery.

If you or a member of your family is obese, please contact us by calling (513) 561-2273 or Schedule an Appointment here on our website at any one of our three greater Cincinnati area clinic locations. We have a high success rate with patients who came to us obese. We may be able to help you too!

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index or BMI is a common indicator to measure if a person’s weight category as one of the following:

1. Underweight
2. Normal
3. Overweight
4. Obese

BMI is calculated by dividing a person’s weight in kilograms by the square of their height in meters. It is used to screen for the weight categories listed above but it is not an official diagnosis of the person’s body fatness or overall health.

If you would like to calculate your BMI, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have quick and easy to use BMI Calculators available by visiting the following links:

Adult BMI Calculator
Child and Teen BMI Calculator

Why Baker Chiropractic May Help You Conquer Obesity

Our chiropractic care focuses on the overall health and function of the human body.

We do not utilize any medications, surgery, fad diets or special exercise programs endorsed by celebrities. We use our proven, safe and effective chiropractic care that follows principles of optimal health and works time and time again.

The key to the high success rates our patients experience is our team of professionals. When a patient comes to us, they are provided with a positive and welcoming environment along with the necessary explanations, education, care and support needed to incorporate the principles into their daily lives. Our team invests themselves into each patient and it’s comforting for patients to know they are not battling obesity alone. That makes all the difference when it comes to conquering obesity once and for all.

It Can Start with a Challenge

Battling obesity with Baker Chiropractic and WellnessFor some patients, their journey and triumph over weight and obesity started with a 30 Day Challenge issued by us. Here’s just one of the many stories:

“My wife and I took a 30 day challenge that Baker Chiropractic and Wellness offered. It was literally a life changing experience for us. We weighed-in at the start of the 30 day challenge on a machine that told you your weight, body fat and muscle mass. After the weigh-in, we began our 30 day challenge. We followed recipes from a nutritional book that was provided to us. The recipes were absolutely delicious. The book is a wealth of knowledge for nutritional values on various things. For example, it tells you how you would need to eat 20 bowls of oatmeal to equal the nutritional value of one bowl of kale. After a couple of weeks into the challenge, we realized this is a lifestyle change we could easily live with. After the 30 days, we weighed in and I lost 14.2 lbs and reduced my body fat by 2.8%. My wife did even better reducing her body fat by 3.6%. An added amazing fact is that both my wife and I are now off all our prescription medications including blood pressure medications, arthritis meds, acid reflux meds and cholesterol meds.

After the 30 day challenge, we continued to follow the care provided by Baker Chiropractic. It’s now 6 ½ weeks after the original weigh-in and I am down 20 lbs. Both my wife and I are living much healthier lives because of the total program by Dr. Baker and his amazing staff. It’s not a diet. It’s Dr. Baker and his staff truly caring about a person and their quality of life. My wife and I are living proof.”

– Ken R.

Win Your Obesity Battle

To learn more about how we may help you win your battle with obesity, please contact us by calling 513-561-2273 or schedule an appointment via our website at any time. You’ll discover how to overcome obesity and the path to a future life of health and wellness.