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One Minute a Week Will Put You on the Road to Health and Happiness

Cincinnati physicians, twin-brothers and life-long practitioners of health and wellness Dr. Paul Baker and Dr. Patrick Baker recently announced the launch of their 1-Minute Wellness series of free educational videos.

Each week over the next 6 weeks, the doctors will feature a new video approximately one minute in length on a variety of topics to help you get healthy and stay well.  Over the next month and a half, Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick will talk about the following interesting and intriguing subjects:

Week 1 – Reverse Heart Disease

Week 2 – Animal Products

Week 3 – Arachidonic Acid

Week 4 – Chicken and Beef

Week 5 – The China Project

Week 6 – University of Tromso

The best way to save big money on health care is to not get sick and stay free from disease. The road to health, wellness and happiness is easier than you think. Dr. Paul Baker and Dr. Patrick will teach you how. They’ve been traveling this road and enjoying its many benefits for the past 35 years.

To view each week’s 1-Minute Wellness videos, visit Dr. Paul’s and Dr. Patrick’s website at You can sign-up to receive weekly video segments via email or simply revisit their website each week.

Watching a one minute video per week will make you think. When you think, you learn. With education comes wisdom. Wisdom changes lives!