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Order Dr. Paul's, Dr. Patrick's and Dr. Ryan's New Book Today!

What Did I Just Eat? Surprising Facts About Food is the latest book authored by Baker Chiropractic and Wellness’s Dr. Paul Baker, Dr. Patrick Baker and Dr. Ryan Berlin. The book is filled with great information about food that most people don’t know about. Learn what foods contain the nutrients your body needs to survive and how your body positively reacts when you give it high nutrient foods. Good eating habits are not just about counting calories.

If the foods you eat every day are comprised of super-high nutrients, then your body obtains all of the nutrition it needs and automatically regulates your appetite. High nutrient food does not mean just fruits and vegetables. Throughout the book you’ll discover high nutrient foods include certain fatty foods that you may have thought were bad for you. If you eat foods high in calories but low in nutrients, your body will be craving more food and you’ll be hungry. On the other hand, if you eat foods high in nutrients, your body will adjust your appetite and decrease cravings because it is receiving the nutrients it needs.

The doctors review all of the low-nutrient foods you need to avoid and foods you may have been deceived into falsely believing are “healthy”. They also provide you with countless options for healthy foods that are full of nutrients and we reveal foods you thought were unhealthy that actually help you!

The food you give your body is the starting point for a life of health, wellness and happiness!

Order your copy of What Did I Just Eat? Surprising Facts About Food by clicking here:  Order Book