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Our Current Featured Patient: Billy Lankford

Our current featured patient is a 6 year old little boy, Billy Lankford.  Billy was having trouble focusing and sleeping. This was making him irritable and temperamental. After becoming a patient at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, Billy ‘s focus has improved and he is sleeping better. Here is Billy’s story in his mother’s words:


Featured Patient of Baker Chiropractic and Wellness
Billy with sister Sarah and Dr. Paul

The pregnancy with my son Billy was very stressful. My labor was induced and after more than 20 hours, he was born healthy. As a baby, he was almost on schedule with all of the normal development stages, except for his speech.

Now 6 years old, Billy was unable to focus on anything and wasn’t sleeping well. There were many days where he just wouldn’t cooperate with me and wouldn’t get along with his siblings. His temper was high, but I thought that was typical for little boys.

Since seeing Dr. Paul Baker for the last three weeks, I have noticed several improvements with Billy. At bedtime, he no longer takes hours to fall asleep nor does he try to nap during the day. When we are doing schoolwork, he is able to sit longer and focus on his tasks. He still needs breaks if he gets overwhelmed.

I absolutely love the changes in Billy. He was always a happy and loving little guy, but now that he is on the road to better health, he is much happier. Every day he asks me if he can see Dr. Paul and get an adjustment.

Thank you to all the staff and Dr. Paul at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness!

– Tracy Lankford