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Our Current Featured Patient is Ten Year Old Gymnast Adrienne Nguyen-Storer

Our Current Featured Patient is 10-year old Adrienne Nguyen-Storer.  Adrienne is a rising star in gymnastics and a great example of how the care and guidance she receives at Baker Chiropractic care benefits children. She is even inspiring adults to take advantage of  this very effective form of health care. Read more about Adrienne’s story….

My name is Adrienne Nguyen-Storer and I am 10 years-old. I am a gymnast and compete for the USAG Level 5 team at Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy (CGA) in Fairfield, Ohio. I started going to Doc (Patrick) Baker because I hurt my back and when I did certain skills, like my tap swings on bars or my backwalkover, my lower back would hurt. My mom said that with all of the tumbling and swinging that I do during gymnastics sometimes my body needs help to get better and stay healthy.

I went to a different doctor and his help only lasted for a little while. I liked going to Doc Baker’s office right away, because everyone is so nice and I get to see Ms. Krista too! After about three weeks of seeing everyone at Baker Chiropractic my back wasn’t hurting nearly as bad as it was before. Every now and then it still hurt to do my backwalkover though and I would go see Doc and it would feel better right away. After another couple of weeks of seeing Doc Baker I was completely pain free!  He even took care of my foot when that started hurting!

My back doesn’t hurt at all any more but I still love going to see everyone at Doc Baker’s office and getting my treatments and adjustments. What I think is really funny, is that a lot of parents and gymnasts from CGA go and see Doc Baker now. He makes all of us feel better!