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Meet This Teenager Who Was Suffering from Migraines

There is nothing worse for a parent than seeing your child in pain. This mom was dealing with a teenage son suffering from migraines. Here’s their story:

Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Featured Patient Jerry“My teenage son awoke one morning with blurred vision and sensitivity to light. I attributed it to lack of sleep or too much “screen time“, and insisted that he go to school. I also knew that we had a scheduled visit with an ophthalmologist in a few days. It had been nearly two years since his eyes had been checked and he was
overdue for new lenses.

Not long after arriving at school, he reported to the nurse with a debilitating headache. I brought him home where he spent the rest of the day on the living room sofa in the dark. I took him into the pediatrician that evening. The pediatrician looked into his eyes with a scope and had him read an eye chart. We were sent directly to the emergency room of a Children’s Hospital. After four hours and a phone call to a neurologist, the staff pediatrician looked into my son’s eyes with a scope and had him read an eye chart. The consensus was that he had a migraine headache.

We pretty much suspected that, but I was concerned about the sudden onset of blurred vision, as it might indicate something was immediately going wrong in his brain, like a concussion, aneurysm, tumor … parents think like that, right?

We were relieved to finally be dismissed from the ER, with orders for my son to take a pain reliever and get a good night’s sleep. If the headaches persisted, we should consult a neurologist who could prescribe a drug for migraine headaches.

The next morning, my son awoke with blurred vision, extreme sensitivity to light, and pain in the back of his head. The next day was another day on the sofa, taking pain relievers and no school. Day three went pretty much the same way, except we made a visit to our chiropractor, Dr. Paul Baker. Dr. Paul told us that his C2 vertebrae was subluxated. After one adjustment, the relief was immediate. After two chiropractic treatments, neck traction with a Dakota cushion at home, good nutrition, sleep and back to drinking the recommended daily amount of water, my son’s migraine headaches have not returned.

We continue our regular visits to Dr. Paul. He and the staff treat us like family. The care is genuine and the results are real. My son has new glasses, too. He likes to research topics on the internet. He learned that approximately 20% of teenagers are affected by migraine headaches. Drugs prescribed for migraines can have serious effects on the liver and heart. The ocular nerve that affects vision is located by the C2 vertebrae. Poor posture from staring at a computer screen for long periods can cause a subluxation in your spine.

We are so grateful to have Dr. Baker straighten things out for us.

Drug free, real cures. That’s what  Baker Family Chiropractic is all about!”*

Kimberly Flick and son Jerry

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