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Our Current Featured Patient is Sharon Thomas

Sharon is a great example of how life doesn’t have to be lived dealing with pain and relying on prescriptions drugs. Sharon is once again living her life on her terms. Here’s Sharon’s story:


My name is Sharon Thomas and I have been coming to Dr. Baker since March. Prior to becoming a patient, I experienced constant and severe pain as well as dizziness. However, those symptoms are no longer an issue!

I used to take muscle relaxers and pain medicine, but since I’ve been coming to Dr. Baker’s office I no longer need them. The constant pain would sometimes keep me awake at night. Now I am sleeping better and without pain.

At home, I would leave certain chores go undone because I was unable to do them without having severe pain. That has been changed around since becoming a patient. Now I feel like I am actually accomplishing things at home.

There were many days at work where I would actually pray to get through my shift because the pain was so intense. However, I am no longer having that problem because most of the pain has subsided.

Another issue I had prior to becoming a patient was vertigo. Every time I would turn my head, I felt very dizzy. It became a regular occurrence but after getting adjusted, the dizziness stopped.

The added bonus of being Dr. Baker’s patient is that he and his staff are all wonderful! I feel like I have gained a bunch of new friends!