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Our Current Featured Patient Lowered Her Cholesterol Naturally. Read Her Story:

Our current featured patient is Beth McCormick.  Beth came to Dr. Baker for low back pain but upon discussing all her health issues with Dr. Paul, learned she could also lower her cholesterol levels. Here is Beth’s story:

Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Featured Patient Beth McCormickI have been a patient of Dr. Paul Baker’s since June 2010. I started treatment at Dr. Paul’s Red Bank facility for low back pain issues. Dr. Baker is a very “holistic” doctor, concerned about the patient’s entire health. I had been taking a statin for high cholesterol since April of 2010, prescribed by my cardiologist. After about 4 months, I started experiencing severe pain in my hip and hand joints. Dr. Baker recommended that I stop taking the statin and try a natural supplement to treat the high cholesterol.

I began a regimen of taking EFAs – Essential Fatty Acids along with Niacin (Vitamin B).  My cholesterol was tested at 259 (HDL-45, LDL-175, Triglycerides-195 ). After being on the all-natural regimen for 3 months, my cholesterol dropped to 197  (HDL-82, LDL-99, Triglycerides-81 ). I was amazed at the increase in HDL without adding any exercise. I am expecting even better results once I increase exercise and have been on this all-natural regimen for a longer period of time. Thank you Dr. Baker!

Beth McCormick