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Our Current Featured Patients are Adam Kasel and His Family

Adam Kasel, his wife and children are perfect examples of how Baker Chiropractic and Wellness can be your family doctors. We provide safe and effective care for Dads, Moms and Children of all ages. Here is Adam and his family’s story:

I started seeing Dr. Paul in December 2009 after I had been experiencing chronic lower-back pain.  It wasn’t to the point of being debilitating but I knew it wouldn’t correct itself and it was affecting my ability to run.  Within a couple of weeks of therapy I was running pain-free for the first time in 14 years!

Amazed by the results I wondered if Dr. Paul could help our oldest son, Aidan, who was born with a foot deformity called metatarsus adductus. The foot specialist’s plan was to put our energetic, then-3-year-old, son in a cast for 6 weeks with physical therapy to follow.  We didn’t want him to go through that so we thought we’d see what Dr. Paul could do.  Using massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments, Aidan’s foot made drastic improvement.

My wife, Carrie, also started seeing Dr. Paul for her ailments and she experienced pain relief as well. During her pregnancy with our third son, she visited Dr. Paul, which helped with discomfort she was experiencing.

Our middle son, Harrison, was getting sick quite often and the adjustments Dr. Paul performed helped his immune system.

We really appreciate the professionalism Dr. Paul and his quality staff provide while also giving each patient that personal touch.  Our boys are always excited to see the Baker Chiropractic staff make themselves right at home!  We feel like a part of Baker Chiropractic family and because of this, we have encouraged our friends and family members to see him.

We’re so grateful for what Dr. Paul’s and his staff’s knowledge and expertise have been able to do for our family.  Thank you so much!

Adam Kasel