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Our Current Featured Patients are Kimberly Flick and Her Teenage Son

Here’s an enlightening story of how chiropractic care can transform lives from our current featured patients Kimberly Flick and her teenage son:


Chiropractic care for teens and adolescentsThere I was last summer, coping with months of unemployment and no prospects for work. My adolescent son found refuge from stress and uncertainty through video gaming. When he wasn’t gaming, he was oppositional and agitated.

He lived on soda pop and snacks, lost interest in sports, friends and swimming at the neighborhood pool. His posture deteriorated after spending weeks of summer vacation hunched over the laptop on the floor, addicted to an internet game.

I was busy working up resumes and cover letters, trying to score a job interview. I became concerned at how withdrawn and miserable my son was. He complained of low back and neck pain and not being able to sleep. He didn’t want to attend 7th grade and exhibited mounting social and behavioral problems. He was skipping gym class, being bullied by classmates and his back pain grew increasingly worse. However, I did not want to have more drugs added to the ADHD medications and anti-depressants my son was already prescribed.

Years earlier, I had experienced positive results from chiropractic care. I wasn’t sure if adolescents could benefit, but began searching for a doctor of chiropractic.  I made an appointment with Dr. Paul Baker to have my son’s back checked.

Dr. Baker and the staff of Baker Chiropractic transformed my adolescent son. In less than a year, he has become positive, involved with friends and has developed a self esteem that hadn’t existed before. He no longer has continuous back pain and neck pain. He sleeps well and looks forward to weekly chiropractic adjustments.

Our life has been positively infused in so many ways through the comprehensive health care we both receive at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness.

We now focus on wellness; from what we put into our body nutritionally, to treating the defeatist mindset that had invaded our everyday living. our goal is to no longer use the pharmaceuticals we had relied on to manage the symptoms caused by subluxations in our spine.

I am now happily employed and my son is a successful student. Our health and well being have become integral to a happy life and our future is so much brighter

Our lifestyle transformation is the direct result of chiropractic care from Dr. Paul Baker and his encouraging and caring staff. If you are receptive to the power of positiveness and the healing the results from a subluxation free spine, Baker Chiropractic and Wellness will change your life!