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Our November 2010 Featured Patient is the Dickman Family

The Dickman family is our November 2010 Featured Patient. They are a great example of how you should look at chiropractic as your primary care not just alternative care when traditional care doesn’t work. Prescription drugs, antibiotics and surgery are not absolute answers. Baker Chiropractic provides the expert care required to unleash the amazing powers of the human body.  Learn more about the Dickman family….

We are the Dickman family: Brian, Stacy, Aubrey, and Tyler. We have been patients of Dr. Baker since August. Doc and his staff are helping us live happier, healthier lives, one adjustment at a time.

I (Stacy) first came to Doc because of continual back pain. At my consultation I mentioned that I have a condition the doctors have labeled neurocardiogenic syncope, which causes me to faint frequently. I had never met anyone who had experience with this until Doc informed me that he has handled patients with this: he was sure he could help. I can’t say that I believed him right away, but that has changed! One Sunday I had two episodes and continued to suffer from vertigo and pain into Monday. I went to Doc’s that afternoon and in just one adjustment my dizziness subsided! He sent me for a massage, where his staff eased a lot of the pain and the headache. I was amazed and so thankful!

Tyler is a champion for Doc. He started to get adjustments after struggling with an ear infection for three continuous months with no relief from antibiotics. Each two week cycle the course of antibiotics became stronger, and our one-year-old boy was not getting better. When the pediatrician told me that we were looking at tubes I was determined to find something else. I happened to mention Ty’s issue at Doc’s one day; he gave me information on how chiropractic can help. We were desperate to find an alternative to surgery, so we decided to try it. After just three adjustments his ears were clear! Two weeks later he had a reoccurrence. This time we went straight to Doc. We decided to hold off on the antibiotics. And again, three adjustments later he was clear! This is such a relief to me as a mom, and our boy is as happy as can be!

Brian and Aubrey decided to begin seeing Doc in a proactive manner. Their bi-weekly adjustments keep them lined up and functioning in a healthy manner. We know that we will be healthier and happier if we can let our bodies work as they were designed. The staff treats each of us as real people, including our kids. Tyler is often in Krista’s arms, and Danielle and Courtney let Aubrey color at the front. The office is a wonderful and comfortable environment that my kids enjoy. Ty even climbs on the table by himself at nineteen months!

We are blessed to have Dr. Baker and his staff as our doctor! Thank you for everything!

Stacy Dickman