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Phyllis Found Relief from Sciatic Pain and Can Sit, Stand and Walk Again

Sciatic Pain Relief from Baker ChiropracticI walked into Baker Chiropractic with a sciatic pain attack from a compressed disc.  I thought I would never recover.  I have never experienced pain like this.  The pain was worse than labor pains!

Dr. Paul Baker told me with treatment I would get better.  I had a friend that had an attack the same time as I and to date is still in pain and considering surgery.

So back to my story, Dr. Paul gave me my treatment four times a week which included adjustments and massage therapy.

I can tell you that I was unable to sit, stand, walk or lay on my side when I first came to Dr. Paul.  Five weeks later, I was doing all of these things.

My nerves calmed down, my inflammation was reduced and all without pain or muscle relaxers.  My treatment plan was the key.

I would recommend Dr. Paul, Baker Chiropractic and the entire staff to anyone.  Without this group of caring people, I would probably have had an unnecessary surgery at a high expense.

Thank God for Baker Chiropractic!*

Phyllis Holliman

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.