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Optimal Sleep Gummies

Helps you fall asleep quickerHelps maintain a healthy circadian rhythm Helps with insomnia

Optimal Oxy-Pure

Helps with oxygenation Aids in fighting colds, flu, infection, rash, shingles, bug bites, and more Improves aerobic performance, skin, oxygenation, and immunity Has 350,000 parts per million of dissolved bioavailable oxygen

Optimal Iron

Most potent, effective, and safe form of iron Helps with anemia, poor circulation, blood disorders, and more Supports the white blood cells, the immune system, and the nervous system Helps alleviate excessive menstruation

Optimal Health Pak

Aids the body in achieving Optimal Health Helps support longevity and mental acuity Promotes energy, happiness, and sexual health Boosts immunity

Optimal Cort-Adrena

Supports adrenal glands and reduces cortisol Provides a safe source of energy Helps with physical & emotional stress Aids in the healing chronic fatigue syndrome and much more

Optimal Chronic

Contains nutrients that help with chronic inflammation Helps with Osteo & Rheumatoid arthritis Aids joint and back pain/injury Helps regenerate spinal discs

Optimal Calm

Gently and naturally supports deep, restful sleep Calms the mind and body Good for ADHD, high anxiety, and can help with metabolism Helps with weight control

Optimal BonePlus Calcium

A healthy blend using the most absorbable form of calcium Contains ipriflavone which promotes bone formation and strength Absorbed 200% more than other calciums Helps with osteoporosis


Provides micronutrients that are essential for the production of thyroid hormones Contains B vitamins to support energy production Provides support for antioxidant activity and tissue protection Supports metabolic functions

Opti-Metals Detox

Supplies nutrients that improve toxin drainage through your organs Detoxifies your liver, kidneys, blood, lungs, lymphs, skin, and digestive tract Improves energy Repairs at the cellular level


Assists the respiratory system Contains beta-carotene, B6, and more to support the organs of the respiratory system


Provides whole food iodine support for thyroid hormone synthesis Maintains metabolism Supports thyroid, endocrine, and breast health Helps control weight and can lower the risk of diabetes


Supplies key nutrients proven to improve heart health Supports healthy circulation Aids in blood vessel health Supports the strength of the heart muscle


Contains all the known nutrients that support hormonal balanceIncludes pre-digested glandulars for hormonal balance Helps with menstrual irregularity Eases cramping and reduces bloating Helps with menopausal post symptoms

Opti-Enviro Detox

Aids in toxin removal Revitalizes organs Increases energy Great immune system support

Muscle Cussor Massage

Easy to use without disturbing others because of its low volume Has a very high percussions per minute rate Four-hour battery life Includes six different accessories

Essential Therapeutic Melatonin

Helps fight degenerative diseases Can help strengthen immune responsesHelps promote a healthier stress responseHelps reduce negative aspects of aging process

Essential Shrooms

Strengthens the immune system’s most complex needs Supports brain health Full of antioxidants that serve as anti-inflammatories Great for liver function and supports the cardiovascular system

Essential Magnesium

Proven highest absorbed Magnesium in the world Helps maintain optimal muscle and bone health A needed mineral for over 300 cellular processes in your body Helps treat arrhythmia

Allergy Pak |

Reduces inflammation and increases immune response Enhances food digestion Eliminates allergens Increases energy