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Optimal BFF

Food nitrates improve flexibility of blood vessels, supporting lower blood pressure Natural caffeine provides boost in energy Supports heart, muscle, and artery health


Optimal B Awake

Helps you gain immediate energy without the crash Increases mental clarity and focus Enhances mood Provides your body with a healthy alternative to caffeine and does not tax adrenal glands



High potency methylated B vitamin complex Helps combat stress Improves mental health, energy levels, and hormone health Promotes a healthy metabolism



Nutritionally supports healthy adrenal glands Key ingredients help to promote the body’s ability to increase energy levels Repair adrenal gland damage from synthetic caffeine, stimulants, etc.


Essential NADH

A coenzyme that helps promote cellular energy production Provides nutritional neurotransmitter support Improves energy levels and brain function Improves mental clarity, concentration, and memory


Essential L-Carnitine

Encourages the body to use fat as fuel Improves mitochondrial health Improves heart health Boosts energy levels


Essential Glutathione

Balances out oxidative stress and acts as a detoxifier The body’s natural research-proven master antioxidant Corrects glutathione deficiencies (associated with aging) Protects against damage to cell membranes


Essential D-Ribose (Powder)

Restores energy at the cellular level Improves heart and muscle function Improves athletic performance Boosts mitochondrial health


Essential B-12 Drops

A key nutrient for red blood cells Helps prevent anemia Reduces risk of macular degeneration Promotes healthy DNA methylation