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Optimal Zinc-Oxy Spray

Immediate dose of nutrients for nasal relief Protects from viruses Aids in the restoration of taste and smell Boosts oxygen intake


Optimal Whole C

Potent, chewable vitamin C sourced from whole foodsNatural antioxidant to neutralize damaging free radicalsNutritionally supports a healthy immune systemComplete formula containing all 4 parts of vitamin C, as nature intended


Optimal Longevi-D K2

Supports bone, cardiovascular, and mental health Uses 3 ingredients that raise each others’ effectiveness (CoQ10, Vit D, and K2) Beneficial for overall longevity and quality of life Helps with neurodegenerative problems (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.)


Optimal Half-Day Organ

A holistic cleanse that helps with aches/pains, obesity, halitosis, and more Can lower high cholesterol Rids your body of toxin build-up You may experience improved energy, clearer vision, less joint pain, and more


Optimal Fruit &

Most potent antioxidant and phytonutrient powder on the market Balances all 5 free radicals Improves metabolic disorders and degenerative diseases Decreases overall body inflammation


Optimal Defense

Packed with nutrients that provide immune support Helps with colds, flu, and infections Nutritionally supports against AIDS & HIV A great alternative to antibiotics



Supports the removal of parasites Addresses the health and microbial balance of the GI tract Contains ingredients that are poisonous to bacteria, but completely safe for us Eliminates all three kinds of parasites



Provides extraordinary defense against damage from oxidants Improves mitochondrial health Boosts energy levels Stimulates growth of fresh mitochondria


Opti-Immune VRL

Nutritionally protects against viruses Boosts the immune system Contains specific glandular aids that research shows have antiviral properties Uses whole food ingredients that are shown to fight off viruses and bacteria


Essential Zinc

Provides nutrition for proper growth, maintenance, and repair of the human body Promotes healthy skin, physical development, and healing Reduces inflammation Contains more than 300 enzymes needed to help grow, repair, and maintain the body


Essential Resveratrol

Provides cardiovascular support Promotes a healthy response to biological stress Supports heart health and boosts immune function Helps correct autoimmune diseases


Essential Protect

Contains key phytonutrients that support healing from disease Supports macular degeneration Helps eye diseases and vision loss Aids in cataract prevention


Essential P-5-P

Helps metabolize lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins into energy Improves energy levels Aids in smooth brain function Supports kidney function and cognitive development & function


Essential Nag Redux

Reduces nagalase in the body Strengthens and supports the immune system Nutritionally supports the reduction of cancer symptoms Fights against serious disease


Essential DAK1K2

Strengthens the immune system Contains the 4 nutrients that people are the most deficient in Aids in the health of most organs and boosts the immune system Helps with blood vessel health