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Tru-Energy Pak

Contains all nutrients proven to feel ATP synthesis Helps rebuild and fortify adrenal glands from caffeine, sugar, or toxin abuse Provides an energy boost Gives support to the adrenal glands

Stress/Anxiety Relief Pak

Eases stress and anxiety Fills deficiencies caused by stress and anxiety Packed with over 100 nutrients Supplies you with iron, magnesium, all B vitamins, and vitamin C (the four nutrients you burn through while stressed)

Soft Cleanse Pak

Safely removes metal toxins Improves energy Balances the bowels Uses specific ingredients to aid in cleansing and the removal of toxins

Pre-conditioning Pak

Preconditions the body to successfully accept a wide range of treatments Eases joint pain Rebuilds spine, nerves, and tissue

Optimal Health Kit

Aids the body in achieving optimal health Helps support longevity and mental acuity Promotes energy, happiness, and sexual health Boosts immunity

Opti Pak

Each pak supplies your body with its daily dose of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, and omega 3s Helps clean your blood Promotes heart health Aids in your overall health

NOS Performance Paks

Boosts blood circulation Defends against many conditions including erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, and more Increases blood vessel flexibility Increases blood flow without increasing blood pressure

Natural Z Pak

Provides your body with over 21 billion CFU of friendly flora (friendly bacteria) Boosts immune system Speeds recovery from illness Targets only the bad and increases good ecologyIncludes immune boosting glandulars

Natural NSAIDs Pak

A healthier and safer anti-inflammatory nutritional support than NSAIDsNutritionally aids body in reducing inflammation and pain Helps improve joint health, the repairing of tissue, and combating of disc degeneration

Flora Blitz 100

Delivers a surge of healthy bacteria to kill off the bad bacteria Helps stop unhealthy cravings by re-programming the gut. Improves mood by boosting your body’s serotonin production Dramatically boosts immunity and protection against harmful viruses and bacteria.

Exposure Protection Pak

Immune support specifically for current pandemic Immune system boost Helps nutritionally support recovery from virus attacks Contains blend of vitamin d, probiotics, zinc, nitrates, natural antimicrobials, and more

Brain Tap Pak

FocusClarityBrain HealthRegeneration

Big C Nutrient

Nutritional support for cancer and other serious conditionsAssists in nutritionally reducing symptomsPromotes a healthy response to biological stressStrengthens the immune system

Allergy Pak

Reduces inflammation and increases immune response Enhances food digestion Eliminates allergens Increases energy