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Optimal BFF


Food nitrates improve flexibility of blood vessels, supporting lower blood pressure
Natural caffeine provides boost in energy
Supports heart, muscle, and artery health

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Nutritional Support for Improving Heart and Blood Vessel Health

Improve Circulation
Most of the time, when blood flow increases blood pressure does too. Optimal BFF increases blood flow without increasing blood pressure.

Better Oxygen Flow
Enables more oxygen to get through your body because it boosts your nitric oxide levels.

Powerful Ingredient Combination
Restores artery health with 50 ingredients proven to aid arteries.

Full Body Restoration
ALL ORGANS benefit from Optimal BFF because it raises nitric oxide levels in every organ.

Key Ingredients

What’s Inside?

Creatine Nitrate
This rockstar nutrient combines the proven muscle-building and endurance benefits of creatine with improved blood flow and oxygenation driven by the nitrates found in foods like beets and arugula.

Antioxidant Blend
Made with blueberries, raspberries, mango, spinach, and more, these fruits and veggies offer powerful antioxidant effects, aid in bone and skin health, and help lower blood pressure. This blend contains high levels of nitrates and beneficial minerals.