Optimal BonePlus Calcium


A healthy blend using the most absorbable form of calcium
Contains ipriflavone which promotes bone formation and strength
Absorbed 200% more than other calciums
Helps with osteoporosis

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Key Building Blocks for Strong Bones

Bone Builders
Provides a highly absorbable form of chelated calcium and bone building ipriflavone.

Patented Ingredients
Gives your body the building blocks it needs to repair and strengthen bones.

The Right Support
Assists the proper absorption of calcium which promotes bone healing and bone density.

Safe Absorption
Helps keep calcium out of the blood stream and deposits it into your bones.

Key Ingredients

What’s Inside?

Great source of vitamins C and E, contains zinc, supplies antioxidants to strengthen your immune system, reduces inflammation, lowers risk of chronic conditions

Have powerful antioxidant effects, aids in bone and skin health, helps lower blood pressure

Good fiber source which aids in digestion, supports a healthy immune system, assists in lowering blood pressure, fights against heart disease, good for bone health