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Optimal Collagen Plus


Clean, easily digestible, grass-fed whey protein powder for healthy muscles
Promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails
Great for anti-aging benefits
Ingredients picked to retain its sweet, vanilla cake-like flavor when used for baking

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Clean Protein and Collagen for a Healthy Body

Feel Younger
Provides two core groups of amino acids to promote overall muscle, skin, and anti-aging health.

Support Muscle Growth
Provides all the whole food nutrients you need to have healthy, growing muscles.

Easily Digestible
Contains the nutrients needed to help your body fully absorb protein into usable energy.

Key Protein Sources
Combines whey and collagen in the most absorbable form to help you achieve the best results.

Key Ingredients

What’s Inside?

Whey Protein
Wonderful protein source, helps maintain and grow muscles, boosts natural antioxidant defenses

High in protein and rich in healthy fats

Stevia Leaf
Sweetens without negative health effects linked to refined sugars, reduces calorie intake and blood sugar levels