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Optimal Defense


Packed with nutrients that provide immune support
Helps with colds, flu, and infections
Nutritionally supports against AIDS & HIV
A great alternative to antibiotics

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Research-Backed Immune-Boosting Nutrients

Building Blocks of Immunity

Supplies your body with researched-backed ingredients shown to support your immune system and fight off illness.

Lower Risks, Recover Faster

Boosts the immune system, provides a potent dose of antibodies for a quick recovery, and reduces the risk of viral infection.

Optimal Defense

More Defensive Power

Increases the white blood cell count in your body while filling your gut with healthy bacteria.

Restore Nutrient Balance

Restores health to areas affected by unhealthy eating habits and over-stressing using whole food nutrients.

Key Ingredients

What’s Inside?

Olive Leaf
Improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, supports weight loss/weight management, boosts immunity, reduces inflammation
Olive Leaf
Anise Seed
Reduces inflammation, assists in managing blood sugar levels, reduces symptoms of depression, prevents fungal and bacterial growth
Anise Seed
Powerful antioxidant, packed with vitamins that boost the immune system, reduces inflammation, decreases stress, aids in cardiovascular health