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Optimal Liver Kidney


Contains ingredients proven to ensure normal clearance of toxins
Helps protect the liver
Aids in the process of detoxification
Nutritionally repairs from chronic alcohol, medication use, and more

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Our Top Selling Support for Toxin Removal

Detox Relief
Combats poor performance and toxin buildup in the body’s detoxification system, which are common symptoms of the typical American diet.

Toxin Flush
Cleans out existing toxins allowing for the body’s filtration system to keep going.

Mind & Mood Boost
As your systems are being cleaned you will feel less stress, have more energy, be less irritable, and more.

Natural Process
Cleans without giving side effects often associated with the cleansing of these organs.

Key Ingredients

What’s Inside?

Opti-Blend Delivery System
The key element that helps in the breakdown of nutrients to be processed by the body and reach the cellular level for maximum absorption.

Milk Thistle
Helps protect liver against damage from disease or poisoning, protects brain function, helps lower blood sugar

Dandelion Root
Provides potent antioxidants, may fight inflammation, aids in blood sugar control as well as blood pressure, promotes a healthy liver

Barberry Root
Has antioxidants, helps lower blood sugar levels, good for dental health, improves risk factors for metabolic syndrome, decreases oxidative stress