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Optimal Sleep Gummies


Helps you fall asleep quickerHelps maintain a healthy circadian rhythm
Helps with insomnia

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One Key to Health: A Good Nights Rest

Sleep Well
Provides a low pre-digested dose of melatonin to fall asleep. It works much better than other formulas because it is delivered at the cell level.

Natural Support
Assists the gland that produces melatonin (pineal gland) in supplying our body with the melatonin that your body needs.

Stop the Snacking
Studies show better sleepers snack less, especially at night when we’re prone to choosing the least healthy options.

Rest & Repair
Better sleep means your body will have a better chance and more time to repair itself each night.

Key Ingredients

What’s Inside?

A pre-digested natural form of melatonin that works with the bodys melatonin production

Passiflora Extract
A calming herb that helps the body fall asleep and works synergistically with melatonin.

Vitamin B6
An important component of normal brain development, Vitamin B6 also plays a key role in nervous system function and helps keep your immune system healthy.