Optimal Whole C


Potent, chewable vitamin C sourced from whole foodsNatural antioxidant to neutralize damaging free radicalsNutritionally supports a healthy immune systemComplete formula containing all 4 parts of vitamin C, as nature intended

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Not just Vitamin C, this is Whole C

Complete, Multi-Part Vitamin
In nature, Vitamin C is more than just ascorbic acid (it’s also rutin, bioflavonoid, and J&K Factor). Our formula contains and delivers all four parts.

Safely Non-Synthetic
It is the safest form of Vitamin C compared to all others because it is built using whole food ingredients – nothing synthetic.

Neutralize Aging Factors
Because of its ability to neutralize free radicals, Whole C prevents disease and premature aging.

Natural Cold Fighter
Whole C is wonderful for fighting off colds, and has been effectively shown by studies done for decades to treat and prevent colds effectively.

Key Ingredients

What’s Inside?

Acerola Cherry
Extremely rich in Vitamin C and highly concentrated antioxidant nutrients, Acerola is also known to aid with digestive issues.

Well known for its Vitamin C content, oranges also provide other useful antioxidants, are an excellent source of fiber and potassium, and contribute to collagen production.

This citrus fruit contains a powerful antioxidant plant compound used to fight free radicals. Also provides healthy plant fiber and a large supply of Vitamins C and A.