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Pre-conditioning Pak


Preconditions the body to successfully accept a wide range of treatments
Eases joint pain
Rebuilds spine, nerves, and tissue

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Precondition Your Body for More Effective Treatments

Lay the Groundwork
Nutritionally supports the creation of an optimal environment to accept a wide range of treatments.

Fix Key Deficiencies
Corrects magnesium deficiencies and provides nutrients for better calcium distribution within cells and bones.

Lower Stress Compounds
Provides nutrients for reducing cortisol and revitalizing adrenals and corrects iodine deficiencies.

Boost Cellular Energy
Increases energy at the mitochondrial level to ensure the greatest level of effectiveness.

Key Ingredients

What’s Inside?

Strong, potent form of vitamin D which is essential to the health of most organs

Essential Magnesium
Provides your body with a healthy dose of magnesium to help your muscular system, nervous system, and bones to function properly

Provides whole food iodine support for thyroid hormone synthesis, helping maintain metabolism

Promotes and supports the health of the adrenal glands and repairs damage previously done on the glands

Supplies the nutrients needed for mitochondria to produce abundant energy