Stress/Anxiety Relief Pak (31 Paks)


Eases stress and anxiety
Fills deficiencies caused by stress and anxiety
Packed with over 100 nutrients
Supplies you with iron, magnesium, all B vitamins, and vitamin C (the four nutrients you burn through while stressed)

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Nutritional Support to Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Their Symptoms

Full Spectrum of Nutrients
Supplies over 100 nutrients proven to be best at nutritionally supporting the body with stress and anxiety.

Recover from Stress
Restores nutrients that are lost during times of stress and helps settle your stomach/gut.

Effective Calm
Promotes adrenal health and healing and provides natural energy while also promoting calm.

Restore Vitamin B
Supplies you with B vitamins since they get burned through when stressed.

Key Ingredients

What’s Inside?

Muscle Rx
Provides the nutrients your body needs for muscle growth and repair while also sustaining and maintaining the muscle you grow

Cort Adrena
Supplies your body with a therapeutic dose of nutrients your body needs to lower cortisol levels and revitalize your adrenals

B Whole Food
Replenishes the depleted B vitamins in your body, restoring your energy, hormone balance, and mood

Essential Magnesium
Provides your body with a healthy dose of magnesium to help your muscular system, nervous system, and bones to function properly

Optimal Calm
Promotes calm and sleep, relaxation, and encourages a longer, better quality REM stage

Optimal Flora Plus
Improves digestion, boosts energy, and benefits the overall immune system