Tru-Energy Pak


Contains all nutrients proven to feel ATP synthesis
Helps rebuild and fortify adrenal glands from caffeine, sugar, or toxin abuse
Provides an energy boost
Gives support to the adrenal glands

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Revitalize Energy Production at the Cellular Level and Promote Adrenal Health

Optimal Energy Production
Supplies you with the nutrients you need to keep adrenals at peak function and promote optimal ATP production.

Muscle Performance
Give your muscles the nutrients they need for high energy and high performance.

Healthy Stimulation
Instead of using stimulants such as caffeine to give you energy, you get healthy nutrients that boost your energy.

Energy Without the Crash
Gives you lasting energy without a crash and without becoming addicted to the source.

Key Ingredients

What’s Inside?

Muscle Rx
Provides the nutrients your body needs for muscle growth and repair while also sustaining and maintaining the muscle you grow

Cort Adrena
Supplies your body with a therapeutic dose of nutrients your body needs to lower cortisol levels and revitalize your adrenals

Provides the four nutrients that people are most lacking, vitamins D, A, K1, and K2, to provide your body with the necessary basics

Natural Vitality
Gives your body an abundant supply of B vitamins ready to use for energy