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Read This Patient’s Story of Having Movement Restored in Her Back, Legs, Neck and Shoulders

Baker Chiropractic Patient Karen Tribby
Karen and Dr. Patrick Baker

My name is Karen Tribby and I came to Baker Chiropractic because I was having trouble with my back and trouble walking. I have been diagnosed with the early stages of osteopina; complications from having scoliosis and TMJ in my left upper jawbone.

I went to see Dr. Patrick Baker because I noticed he helped my co-worker, Craig Boykin with his back and walking. Craig has cerebral palsy  and he has trouble with his arm being paralyzed and joints that just do not move as they should. I thought if he could help Craig, then maybe I had a chance for help.

I have been to three medical doctors in the past for other medical problems and none helped. It is very frustrating for me because when you have a serious medical problem and you hear the words, “no help”, it is hard to keep your faith in doctors and people in general. To add to my problems, I have a ventro-jugular shunt that is in my skull and I was not sure if Dr. Baker had ever heard of or worked with this type of medical procedure. I was born with hydrocephalus and this is why I have the shunt.

When I first met Dr. Patrick Baker and his staff, I noticed that they are very positive people and are committed to helping their patients live normal and healthy lives.

I began my road to a healthier life with Baker Chiropractic in October, 2011. It has been one year now and I have had amazing results with movement returned to my back, legs, neck and shoulders. I did not realize that these areas were being affected by my back. I will continue my road to a healthier life with Baker Chiropractic for years to come. I want to live my elderly years being healthy and very active.

Thank you very much to Dr. Patrick Baker and his staff, may you continue to keep doing what you do and help people live a much healthier lifestyle!* – Karen Tribby

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.