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How Do You Really Know If You Are Healthy?

Nerve FunctionWe are constantly trying to educate our patients and the community about the below article.

If you asked every person you know, “How do you know if you are healthy?” Almost 100% of the responses will be, “If I look good” or “If I feel good.” This couldn’t be further from the truth and the below research proves that.

Three (3) trillion impulses of information reach your brain every second and only 50 impulses of information are conscious. Pain is a conscious sensation felt by the brain and with less than 1% of the impulses to the brain being conscious you could have damage to your nervous system and have NO IDEA!

This is why it is EXTREMELY important that EVERYONE is checked for subluxations. Join our mission to change the way health care is viewed in our community and share this important research with everyone you know!

A 2000 textbook authored by Mark Evan Furman and Fred P. Gallo called “The Neurophysics of Human Behavior” helps scientifically prove one thing; health cannot be measured or determined by the presence or absence of symptoms. The simple yet important details are as follows:

  1. Pain is not felt in body.
  2. Pain is a conscious sensation felt in the brain.
  3. Pain is felt in the sensory cortex.
  4. 3 Trillion bits(impulses) of information reach the cortex every second, most of which are sub- conscious.
  5. ONLY 50 bits(impulses) of information that reach the sensory cortex of the brain are conscious to the individual

Based on these numbers, less than a small portion of 1 percent of all information going into the brain from all organs and tissues of the body are felt.

This article backs up the simple Chiropractic philosophy which acknowledges that health cannot be determined by the presence or absence of symptoms. Chiropractors focus on helping individuals reach optimal function instead of attempting to reduce pain or just alleviate symptoms.

The majority of all function occurs without any conscious awareness. This article helps to prove why an approach only seeking to alleviate pain or symptoms is very limiting. Superior health results will be achieved when changing the focus from pain to function. This is the core foundation of which Chiropractic care is focused.

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