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WOW! Hard To Believe. My Rotator Cuff Damage Was Fixed Without Surgery

Baker Chiropractic Rotator Cuff patient John W
Dr. Paul Baker, John W. and Dr. Joe Fields

On January 31st, I had a hard fall on the ice directly on my left shoulder. I thought I broke my shoulder, so I had it x-rayed the next morning. It was not broken but there was damage to the rotator cuff.

I had terrible pain trying to move my arm up and down and out to my side. The worst pain was trying to put my arm in my sleeve while putting on a shirt or jacket. This pain didn’t get any better after 2 months so I was very concerned that surgery would be required to treat it.

My friend Evelyn was convinced Dr. Paul Baker could help me but I did not think a chiropractor could treat a rotator cuff but I thought I would give him a chance.

After the first 10 visits, I had no noticeable improvement. Dr. Paul said it would get better so I stayed with it. After 36 visits and 20 massage therapy treatments, I’m now healed. I have full motion of my arm and saved myself from surgery.

Dr. Paul Baker did most of my treatments but Dr. Joe Fields also adjusted me. Thanks to these two guys, they got me back to normal. They have been a real blessing to me and I also cannot forget the staff for their care in treating me.

Dr. Paul has a great staff that remember your name when you come in and are quick to get you on the therapeutic machines. They don’t waste your time.

I would be quick to recommend Baker Chiropractic and Wellness to my friends so they can get the best professional chiropractic adjustments.*

– John W.

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.