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See How Our Chiropractic Care Helped This Boy’s Overall Health

One of the many benefits of our chiropractic care is how it addresses and optimizes a person’s overall health (both physical and mental). Kasey is a great example of how and why it works. Here’s this boy’s story:


Baker Chiropractic Patient Kasey CookI found out about Baker Chiropractic from another parent on my sons football team. The parent approached me and politely pointed out he noticed my son ran awkwardly and was one of the slowest kids on the team.

When Kasey was two, he fell and broke his femur. He was put in a body cast for two months. After the cast came off he had to learn how to sit up, crawl and walk again. I noticed right away that something wasn’t right about the way he moved and that he did not like to run. We went to different medical doctors about it several times. The answer was always the same, “He will out grow it.”

Around the same time he broke his leg, he started having asthma attacks in his sleep. It was to the point I would have to run hot steamy showers to get him to stop coughing. We also thought Kasey was a hard headed child that would not listen to anything we asked him to do. Come to find out he had so much fluid build up behind his ear drums that he could not hear us. They put tubes in his ears to drain the fluid but he continued to have ear infections at least once a month. Kasey also struggled with school work. He knew the answers to questions but was not able to process them from his mind to paper. He had a hard time blending sounds when reading simple stories.

We decided to take this parent’s advice and go see Dr. Baker. Come to find out Kaseys upper spine was out which was connected to his ears and his thinking process. His lower spine was also out from breaking his leg. Kasey has been seeing Dr. Baker for 2 years now and it is amazing the difference we see in him. He now loves to run, hasn’t had a asthma attack or an ear infection in 2 years and has brought his grades up in school from needing assistance in every subject to now being above average on most subjects. Kasey is now reading chapter books and has a 100% in Math. He loves to play football, basketball and baseball. We are so proud of him.

Before we started taking him to see Dr. Baker, Kasey’s self esteem was extremely low after everything he had been through. Now he is extremely happy, loves all sports and full of energy. We are very thankful for Dr. Baker and everything he has done for Kasey. I would and have recommended Dr. Baker to several friends. Thank you Dr. Baker!*

– The Cook Family

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.