Since My First Visit I Have Made Remarkable Changes With My Lower Back Pain

Low Back Pain Patient Rick Brown
Rick Brown and Dr. Patrick Baker

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Baker’s for about six months and since that first visit, I’ve made a lot of remarkable changes. I came in with constant pain in my lower back and in desperate need of help. I now have no back pain and enjoy a much healthier outlook on life. Dr. Baker said something one day that had a huge impact on my outlook. He said, “You’re in a body 24 hours a day so you should feel good in it and take care of it.”

That statement made me think about my health and fitness and helped sway me to join BEAT, the personal training program offered by Dr. Baker. In the five weeks since joining, I’ve lost 15 points and 4% body fat and feel better about life than I ever have.

Everyone in the office makes me feel welcome and important and I always leave each visit in a good mood because of the positive environment. My wife and 10-year-old daughter are now patients and I tell everyone with pain to experience the help and benefits of chiropractic care and Dr. Baker.*

– Rick Brown,

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.