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Do You Have Questions About Your Health?

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A Health Risk Assessment Will Provide You With Answers!

Health Risk Assessment ReportThe Wellness and Prevention Protocols Health Risk Assessment is designed to provide you with answers. With the knowledge and information you will gain from your personalized report, you will begin to understand how your past lifestyle has impacted your health. More importantly, the report will enable you to predict where you are heading in the future.

Your Health Risk Assessment Report  is an extremely useful tool to assess your current health and to prepare a proactive plan for where you would like to take your health in the future.

Nearly everyone wonders about their health and what type of quality of life they will have in the future. Your Health Risk Assessment and Report will tell you exactly where you are today and help you make solid predictions about your future.

If your Health Risk Assessment shows your health is good, it will give you peace of mind and help you maintain your healthy lifestyle. If your Health Risk Assessment shows areas of concern, it will help you focus your attention on these areas so you can change your future.

What’s Involved? How Much Time Does It Take? How Much Does It Cost?

Your Health Risk Assessment process is straight forward and simple. Working with your Baker Chiropractic and Wellness physician, you will be provided with a brief list of questions to answers. You will also be asked to provide a blood sample and put through a few brief physical tests.

For the hour or so of your time that you invest in your Health Risk Assessment and the cost of $30, you will be provided with a wealth of information about your current health and what your future health looks like based on where you are at today.

When your Health Risk Assessment is completed and your personalized report is generated, your Baker Chiropractic Doctor will sit down with you and thoroughly review all the results of the assessment with you, answer your questions and provide recommendations on areas that need addressed.

Be proactive and take control of your future. Your Health Risk Assessment will help you do just that! You have the power to change your health and change your life.

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