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Studies Show Chiropractic Adjustments Help Regulate Hormones, Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Fat LossHere are two great studies proving that chiropractic is about much more than neck pain, back pain, and headaches.  These powerful studies show how regular chiropractic care helps balance the body’s chemistry through innate intelligence.

Innate intelligence is an inborn ability that we all have and it regulates and heals our bodies naturally.  Subluxations interfere with our innate intelligence and cause our bodies to not heal and operate at our full potential.

This research shows the specific relationship between abnormal spinal mechanics and hormone regulation.  When our bodies aren’t functioning at 100% our hormones are not balanced and this will not allow us to lose fat and gain muscle.  All of the hormones that regulate fat loss and muscle gain are controlled by the central nervous system.

We all know people who are trying to lose weight and improve their overall health and it is our MISSION to help people with those goals.  So join our mission and share this research with your family, friends, and co-workers.  They’ll thank you for it!

Research Studies Show How Chiropractic Adjustments Help Regulate Body

The following discusses the significance of a 2011 study published in the Journal of Alternative Therapeutic Health Medicine called “Cerebral metabolic changes in men after chiropractic spinal manipulation” and a 2009 study published in the Journal of Autonomic and Autacoid Pharmacology called “Is Noradrenaline and Etiological a factor in a number of diseases?”

Fat loss and muscle gain result from a balanced release of hormones. Body chemistry does more to dictate fat loss and muscle gains than a diet that attempts to leverage fat or protein consumption. The innate intelligence of the body breaks proteins like meat, fish, and eggs down into amino acids and uses them for specific purposes. Exercise promotes the breakdown of muscle fibers, forcing amino acids into the blood stream. Most of these amino acids recycle for use in muscle growth under the right circumstances. The same circumstances lead to fat loss and muscle tone. The entire process is controlled by naturally occurring hormones.

Noradrenaline, human growth hormone, adrenaline, insulin, and cortisol regulate within the central nervous system and no amount of diet restriction will override the pursuit to reach an ideal weight if the body’s hormones are out of sync. Numerous catalysts create hormone imbalance. Most healthcare professionals do not understand that abnormal spinal mechanics play a large role in hormone regulation. Many medical health professionals advocate diet and exercise for weight loss, even encouraging medicinal supplements for those struggling to improve their health. Chiropractic professionals understand that hormones must be regulated in order to maximize the results of any diet and exercise regimen. Large percentages of people beginning Chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis experience weight loss without making any other lifestyle changes.

The 2011 Ogura study proved that a chiropractic adjustment reduces the sympathetic-dominant state of the nervous system. The reduction directly links to a drop in stress hormones, most notably noradrenaline. Physiological changes proven to occur with a drop in noradrenaline include: decreased heart rate; vasodilation; decreased blood pressure, glucose levels, and lipids; decreased blood cholesterol levels and increased LDL’s and decreased HDL’s; decreased protein degradation of muscle and connective tissue; insulin resistance; decreased feelings of stress, fear, anxiety and depression; decreased cellular immunity; decreased anabolic hormones, growth hormone, testosterone, and luteinizing hormone; and decrease in bone loss and muscle fiber changes. These all indirectly or directly link to muscle gain, fat loss, and an overall improvement in general health.

Combine this science with the 2009 study out of Johns Hopkins attributing increases in noradrenaline to an increased risk of diseases and conditions that include: cancer; glaucoma; bi-polar disorder; Type I and Type II diabetes; rheumatoid arthritis; autoimmune disease; osteoarthritis; excessive body weight; hypertension; asthma; and immune dys-regulation.

Weight loss, muscle gains, and muscle tone become significantly easier when bodily hormones are in sync. Chiropractic plays a vital role in weight loss and muscle gain. Chiropractic adjustments help balance hormones naturally, improving body composition and helping all people achieve their health potential from the inside out.

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