Study Shows Chiropractic Adjustment Improves Heart Function

Heart rate improvement with chiropracticMany people believe that chiropractors can only help with things like neck pain, back pain, and headaches, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

At Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, we recommend that everyone be checked for subluxations to prevent or correct all types of health conditions. The following research study is a perfect example of why.

This was a study done on 25 healthy adults. In the research study,  a 5-second chiropractic adjustment was administered to the upper neck of half of the study group. This group experienced a significant reduction in heart rate and heart-rate variability as shown on an ECG.

Not only does this study show how important it is for people to be checked for subluxations regardless of whether they have any symptoms, but it also shows that chiropractic is about more than just neck pain, back pain, and headaches.

Please share this research with EVERYONE you care about. You could literally save their life!

Chiropractic Adjustment Improves Heart Function – Amazing Heart Changes within 5 Minutes

Chiropractic Adjustment Improves Heart FunctionThis white paper discusses the significance of the August 2001 study published in the Journal of the Autonomic Neuroscience.

This study involved a group of 25 healthy young adults with no neck or shoulder pain. The article describes the group as healthy young adults with no pain. The selection shows that young, healthy people with no pain need Chiropractic care and also implies that the strongest cross-section of society needs Chiropractic care. That fact precludes any argument against the same need existing for young children and the elderly. The necessity for care should never be based on symptoms, but on the presence of vertebral subluxation and impaired nervous system function.

The 25 subjects were split into two groups. One group was made of those who would receive an official high-velocity, low-amplitude adjustment with cavitation. The other group received the exact same set-up with no thrust or audible. During both the real and placebo adjustments, heart function was monitored with an electrocardiogram (ECG). The real adjustments were done with the subject in a supine position with limited rotation and no extension. The research distinctly points out that the adjustment took no more than five seconds. Most Chiropractic offices around the world will base the quality of care on the amount of time spent with each patient, making the duration of the adjustment important within the study. The research determines that this connection is not true.

The study went on to show that the ECG revealed a significant reduction in heart rate and heart-rate variability within five minutes of the five second chiropractic adjustment. There were no changes in the ECG for anyone in the group receiving the placebo adjustment. The real adjustment made all the difference.

Chiropractic Adjustment


The effectiveness of a Chiropractic adjustment cannot be linked to the time taken to administer care. According to the research, significant heart function changes within five seconds of an adjustment. This study is one of many PubMed studies proving that one single adjustment will positively change heart rate and function by balancing the autonomic output to the heart of those thought to already be healthy adults.

A Chiropractic adjustment directly influences the central nervous system and consequentially balances and improves heart function. The world deserves to know this. The adjustment is proven to facilitate better overall health, particularly as it relates to heart function. Every day finds thousands of scientists and researchers searching for new drugs and technology to improve heart health. The most amazing improvements are accessible in your nearest Chiropractic Office.

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