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Study Shows How Abnormal Body Movements Affect Healing and Body Functions

Chiropractic care helps abnormal body movementResearch shows that abnormal biomechanics (abnormal body movements) negatively affect the healing and functioning capability of the human body.

Not only do abnormal biomechanics cause pain, but they also affect us on a cellular level. Mechanical forces applied to body, specifically the spine, help cells function at their highest capabilities.

Chiropractic should no longer be thought of as a treatment for neck and back pain, but as a profession that returns normal biomechanics to the body, thus allowing it to function and heal itself at 100%!

Please share this research with everyone you know and help us reach our mission to change the way healthcare is viewed in our communities.

Abnormal Body Movements and Disease

A 2003 study published in the Annals of Medicine titled “Mechanobiology and Diseases of Mechanotransduction” proves an undeniable link between physical biomechanics of the body or body movements and disease processes.

The details of this study are very profound and direct:

  • Mechanical forces are critical regulators of cell biochemistry and gene expression.
  • Many seemingly unrelated diseases share the common feature that their cause or clinical presentation results from abnormal mechanics.
  • There is an undeniable physical basis of disease.
  • Abnormal cell and tissue responses to mechanical stress contribute to the cause and clinical presentation of many important diseases.
  • There is a strong mechanical basis for many medical disabilities (such as lower back pain and irritable bowel syndrome) which are responsible for a major share of healthcare costs worldwide.
  • Physical interventions can influence cell and tissue function.
  • Altered cell or tissue mechanics my contribute to disease development.
  • Mechanical forces are critical regulators in biology.
  • Mechanical loads anywhere in the body can affect many tissues and cells because they are physically connected.
  • Forces (like a chiropractic adjustment) that are applied to the entire organism or to individual tissues would be distributed to individual cells through their adhesions to the tensegrity matrix (cytoskeleton of the body) that link cells and tissues throughout the body.
  • Mechanical forces (adjustment) directly regulate the shape and function of essentially all cell types.
  • Many of the enzymes and substrates that mediate cell metabolism (protein synthesis, glycolysis, RNA processing, DNA replication) are directed by the physical mechanics.
  • Mechanical stresses through the cytoskeletal matrix can alter physiology by physically altering biophysical properties, which in turn alter chemical reaction rates.

The above details prove the significant link between abnormal mechanics and visceral disease-type physiology. This PubMed research points towards a disruption of the cytoskeletal connective tissue as the mechanism leading to altered tissue and cell function.

One of the most important points of the study states that because of recent advances in the molecular basis of disease, there has been a loss of interest in mechanics. Donald Ingber, the lead author, also noted that the introduction of addressing biomechanics in healthcare would bring about better results. The response was negative because treating biomechanics cannot be patented and therefore will not generate revenue for the system.

Chiropractic is the only profession that can bring the facts and benefits of this study to humanity.

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