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How Chiropractic care may benefit your neck pain?

neck pain

Neck pain is one of the most typical musculoskeletal problems, accounting for almost 50% of the population yearly. Mild neck pain can be a minor annoyance. Nevertheless, if neck pain becomes regular and is left untreated, it may go to debilitating pain, headaches, arm pain, and ultimately numbness, tingling, and weakness. If you are looking […]

After 30 Years of Pain and Misery, I’m Feeling More Alive Than Ever!

Thank God for my son DeJuan for referring me to Dr. Paul Baker. Having more than 30 years of internalizing stress in a negative way, I’ve had constant pain in my neck, shoulders, left arm and low back. Within 60 days of seeing Dr. Paul, my pain has decreased and my posture has improved tremendously. […]

The Excruciating Pain Caused by My Sciatic Nerve is Gone!

Ever since I was in elementary school, I can remember suffering from horrible hip, leg, neck and back pain. My daily activities and sleeping were a challenge due to the pain. Throughout the years I have been seen by several physicians. I was told my hips are not aligned and I suffer from sciatica. Unfortunately, […]