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After 30 Years of Back Pain, Harry is Living Life Pain-Free

“I’m a 62 year old retired concrete man.  I have been doing concrete work for 40 years with 30 years of back pain.  I have had two carpal tunnel surgeries and one shoulder surgery.  I do not believe in taking pain pills and will not have back surgery.  My dad and brother both had back […]

Spinal Fusion: 1 of the 4 Surgeries AARP Says to Avoid

Everyone understands that surgery involves risk and the importance of weighing those risks before electing to undergo any type of procedure. A recent article in AARP The Magazine outlines the reasons to avoid four different types of surgeries including surgery for back pain.      The AARP article states: “With spinal fusion, the surgeon places bone grafts […]

Watch a Video and Listen to an Inspiring Story of Escaping Decades of Back Pain

Watch and listen to Joyce talk about her battle with back pain for nearly her entire adult life. After decades of back pain and multiple back surgeries, she turned to Baker Chiropractic and Wellness for help. She has escaped the confinement that comes with back pain and is living life on her terms. As Joyce […]

Proof There Is Still Hope, Even After 2 Unsuccessful Spinal Surgeries

Our current Featured Patient is Joyce Smith.  Joyce had underwent 2 spinal surgeries but still suffered from chronic back pain. She then turned to Baker Chiropractic and Wellness and found answers for her pain. Here’s Joyce’s story:   To awake in the morning and go through the entire day without a conscious thought of lower […]