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The Perks of Chiropractic for Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sufferers

The lives of hundreds of millions of individuals throughout the world are utterly destroyed by irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The best chiropractic care clinic will help you to restore the problems. The prevalence of IBS is thought to be between 15 and 20% worldwide, according to experts. The many forms of IBS that appear through […]

6 Best reasons you should consider seeing a chiropractor

Sometimes we wonder who is the best chiropractor? There are several reasons that you should consider chiropractor. Online or offline you have attempted variousother therapy choices but choosing one is the difficult option. If you are looking for solution for natural method to treat your wellness problems. A chiropractic care clinic can give you best […]

Study Shows You Won’t Reach a Health Plateau with Long-Term Chiropractic

Here is one of the largest chiropractic studies ever conducted. The study included 2,818 subjects in 156 clinics and 3 different countries. The study followed the population over a one-year period and 76% of the patients reported improved combined wellness changes in all categories assessed. The longer the individuals were under care, the greater the level […]

Pain Relief is a Side Effect of Chiropractic Care

Purpose of Chiropractic Care is Not To Remove or Reduce Pain Science and research long ago proved Chiropractic to be best at reducing or treating pain when compared with other forms of medical treatment. However, the purpose of Chiropractic care is not to simply remove or reduce pain. A great side effect of an adjustment […]

Chiropractic Care 5 Times More Effective at Alleviating Pain

This research study published in The Journal of the Spine in 2003 shows the powerful effects that chiropractic care has when compared to acupuncture and medication. Not only is chiropractic FIVE TIMES more effective at alleviating pain than NSAID drugs and THREE TIMES more effective than acupuncture, but 47% of the chiropractic patients also experienced […]

Health Care Choices for Your Family

Given the variety of health care alternatives today, which one is best for your family? Basically, it comes down to two main categories of health care: 1. The traditional medical model or; 2. The natural health care model. They differ greatly in their approach to illnesses/disease. Traditional Medical Health Care Model In the medical health […]

Coughing, Sneezing, Fevers – Are These Positive Signs?

Coughing, sneezing and even fevers may actually be positive indicators your body is working correctly. Most people think how they feel is a sign of how healthy they are. That’s not necessarily true. For example, you unknowingly eat something and get food poisoning. Later your stomach starts hurting and you vomit. You don’t feel well, but […]

The Chiropractic Care I Received Changed My Life

Take it from me; you need to experience the amazing healing power that comes from a chiropractic adjustment at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness. Several months ago I began to experience mild sciatica. Of course, I ignored it and hoped that it would just work itself out. Week by week it worsened and sitting became torture. […]