Baker Chiropractic’s Natural Cholesterol Reduction Program Shocked My Medical Doctor

My name is Vicki and like many people, I developed high cholesterol. I work in healthcare as a radiological technician and realize how high cholesterol is a major risk factor for things like heart disease and heart attacks. I talked to my medical doctor about my high cholesterol levels who recommended I start taking a prescription cholesterol medication to manage my cholesterol levels. Not … [Read more...]

Our Current Featured Patient Lowered Her Cholesterol Naturally. Read Her Story:

Our current featured patient is Beth McCormick.  Beth came to Dr. Baker for low back pain but upon discussing all her health issues with Dr. Paul, learned she could also lower her cholesterol levels. Here is Beth's story: I have been a patient of Dr. Paul Baker's since June 2010. I started treatment at Dr. Paul's Red Bank facility for low back pain issues. Dr. Baker is a very "holistic" doctor, … [Read more...]