This Was The Answer for My Baby’s Colic

I remember the first night in the hospital after having my first child being so happy to have a healthy newborn, but he cried all night long. Everyone told me the next morning that he was just “getting used to his surroundings”. The crying did not get any better after we got home, as a matter of fact it got worse. As a few weeks went on he started to cry around 11 AM, and then was fussy and crying … [Read more...]

My Baby Was Having Painful Bowel Movements. Now She Sleeps 6-7 Hours at a Time!

Sadie was born on Thanksgiving 2013 at 37 weeks. Almost immediately after bringing her home she began grunting, straining, bearing down and would turn bright red to have a bowel movement. She would do this several hours before having a bowel movement. My husband and I would lay her on her back, bring her knees to her chest, give her tummy massage, warm baths, and even tried anal stimulation. … [Read more...]

Megan Found Answers for Infertility. After Ellie was Born She Found Solutions for Colic

"My husband and I were trying to have a baby for a long time. After months of trying and still no baby, I knew I had to try something else. I decided to start going to the chiropractor. I went in to see Dr. Patrick Baker and told him my issue. I started adjustments for one (1) month and the next month I was pregnant! My baby girl, Ellie, was born March 28, 2013, three weeks early. The first … [Read more...]