My Hiatal Hernia Was Healed After 10 Years of Suffering

For over 10 years , I have struggled off and on with digestive issues. My symptoms have included upset stomach, cramping, acid reflux, bile reflux, and stomach gastritis. I have been through just about every test traditional doctors can give including 2 upper digestive tract scopes, gallbladder ultrasound, gallbladder dye test, ct scan, and mri. Through all this testing, it was decided that … [Read more...]

My Hiatal Hernia Caused My Stomach To Move All the Way Up Past My Diaphragm. After Coming To Baker Chiropractic I Have Greatly Improved

I came to Baker Chiropractic and Wellness after being coerced by my daughter. I was quite skeptical and only going for her. But, at 82 years old I was told by my regular medical doctor that surgery was too dangerous for me for one, because of my age and two, because I have two leaky heart valves. Not wanting to give up, she found others mention relief with chiropractic care. My diagnosis was a … [Read more...]

Hiatal Hernia Healed

After having significant pain in my abdomen due to a hiatal hernia for many months, and not receiving a clear treatment plan from traditional medical protocol, I called Dr. Paul Baker to see if he could help. Dr Paul told me that he could treat and completely treat the hiatal hernia through adjusting my stomach out of my esophagus and that my wounded abdomen would heal on its own. This was a … [Read more...]