Chiropractic Care Was Way Outside My Comfort Zone But Pain Motivated Me To Step Outside My Comfort Zone

My name is Debbie and chiropractic care was way outside of my comfort zone. I mean, who wants to have their bones snapped, cracked, and popped ( LOL-sounds like cereal). Not me ! But I had pain radiating from my right shoulder to my thumb, which by the way, was numb all the time. This pain was constant while standing, sitting or lying down. Sleep, forget it, not happening! Did I mention I'm … [Read more...]

I Have Fully Recovered From My Frozen Shoulder and Have Full Range of Motion with No Pain

I would like to thank Dr. Patrick Baker of Baker Chiropractic and Wellness for his expedient and novel treatment of my frozen shoulder. A frozen shoulder is extremely painful and there is very limited range of motion. This made everyday tasks very difficult and created problems for me at work. I had 2 episodes of frozen shoulder in the past and in each case the problems lasted over a year … [Read more...]