My Son Had Ear Infections and Avoided Surgery To Place Tubes in His Ears and Remove His Adenoids

In January, Casey failed a hearing test due to fluid that wasn't draining from both of his ears after a double ear infection in December. The doctors agreed that surgery to insert another set of tubes and remove the adenoids was the solution. While these are both very common surgeries these days, I was still disappointed and frustrated not really understanding why this was the only … [Read more...]

Pauline’s Hearing Loss Was Restored by Chiropractic Care

"It was over a year ago when I noticed that I was having difficulty hearing in my right ear. The left ear was fine, but I had to turn up the volume on the TV, couldn’t always hear my cell phone ringing, and was asking people to repeat themselves.  I thought this was a normal aging process. My husband was having issues with his neck and hips misaligned. He began going to Baker Chiropractic and … [Read more...]