Answers for Insomnia Without Using Sleeping Pills

We all know getting a good night’s sleep is important for good health. Sleep can affect how we function, our energy and our moods. If you’re having problems falling or staying asleep, do something about it! There’s a lot you can do about insomnia without relying on over -the-counter or prescription sleeping pills. Unfortunately, the number of people using prescription drugs to treat insomnia … [Read more...]

Paul is Off Pain Medications, He’s Sleeping Better and He Has Renewed Energy

"I originally came to Baker Chiropractic due to pain I was experiencing in my low back and also pain in my hips. It started sometime around the beginning of January this year, however I had been experiencing some symptoms on and off for the past three or four years. I stand a lot for my work, so that was always a challenge, and it seemed to aggravate it more each day. I was unable to sleep at … [Read more...]