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How Chiropractic care may benefit your neck pain?

neck pain

Neck pain is one of the most typical musculoskeletal problems, accounting for almost 50% of the population yearly. Mild neck pain can be a minor annoyance. Nevertheless, if neck pain becomes regular and is left untreated, it may go to debilitating pain, headaches, arm pain, and ultimately numbness, tingling, and weakness. If you are looking […]

My Long Term Pain is Gone and I Am Amazed By My Ongoing Progress!

I had extreme low back pain, hip pain and leg pain for well over ten years which greatly limited my normal, day-to-day activities. In my search for help with my pain issues, I would have done just about anything to get relief! My many visits to a local chiropractor and physicians proved futile. I endured various scans, […]

I Can Walk Again, My Leg Pain and Limp Are Healed!

Dr. Paul Baker has enabled me to walk again without pain and without limping. I developed severe pain with sciatica in my right leg at age 56. The MRI showed 2 herniated discs. Being a nurse anesthetist, many of the nurses and physicians I worked with who had back problems and opted for surgery, some having […]

No More Back Pain and Leg Pain After More Than Six Years

I had been experiencing back and leg pain for more than six years. The medical and related therapy had not been able to solve the problems. My specialized doctor was considering back surgery, which my brother had done and highly recommend that this be my last resort. My wife and I were consulting with my […]