Study Shows You Won’t Reach a Health Plateau with Long-Term Chiropractic

Here is one of the largest chiropractic studies ever conducted. The study included 2,818 subjects in 156 clinics and 3 different countries. The study followed the population over a one-year period and 76% of the patients reported improved combined wellness changes in all categories assessed. The longer the individuals were under care, the greater the level of improvement and after 3 years of care … [Read more...]

Our Long Term Chiropractic Care is Making All the Difference for These Two People

It's Been Over a Year Since I Started Seeing Dr. Baker for Interstitial Cystitis My name is Twanna and I have IC or Interstitial Cystitis. I wanted to provide an update on my experience with Baker Chiropractic and Wellness as of May 2014. It has now been a little over a year since I became a patient. I had IC for three years before I met Dr. Baker. Prior to coming to Baker Chiropractic, … [Read more...]