Over 10 Years of Chronic Migraines Resolved with Corrective Chiropractic Care

In my line of business, validation of results means everything before calling something a success. In the case of my treatment at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, I have made significant enough progress where I can declare success! I have been affected by migraine type headaches and separately with lower back issues for over 10 years. I learned to “deal” with both but each had gotten … [Read more...]

OMG, Amazing! I am So Thankful! No More Headaches!

Dr. Brock Frear and Baker Chiropractic, I just wanted to say thank you for providing such excellent care to me. Your staff members are very warm and caring as yourself. It always surprises me as you walk thru the office you call everyone out by name and it warms my heart! "How's it going Quantessa" I feel special like family not just a patient.Thank you! Now to the good part. I came to … [Read more...]

Positive Results for Migraine Headaches

Do you find yourself in agony, in a darkened room, with no sound? Your throbbing head feels as though it is splitting in half and you’re nauseous, maybe even vomiting. You have a migraine headache and you just want the pain to go away. Many things can trigger a migraine headache. The most common ones include: - Foods, including alcohol, aged cheese, caffeine, chocolate, artificial sweeteners … [Read more...]

My Frequent Migraines Went Down to Once Per Week, Then Once Per Month and Now Are Almost Completely Gone

During my junior year of high school, I began to experience chronic migraines. These migraines occurred several times a day and resulted in me missing over a month of school as well as losing 15 pounds. The migraines could be caused by almost anything, limiting my activities and ability to do anything I enjoyed. After doing research trying to find a cure for these monstrous headaches, I found … [Read more...]