I Always Felt Sick and Couldn’t Look Up or Turn My Head. Chiropractic Care Saved Me From Neck Surgery and Gave Me My Life Back

My name is Marlene and I was at the point of thinking "If this is what growing old is like, it's no fun!" I had neck pain and back problems for 20+ years. I always felt sick and was unable to look up or turn my head. I couldn't do things I enjoy like gardening or slow dancing. I couldn't hug anyone or turn my head to chat with someone. I started chiropractic care as a last chance before … [Read more...]

Skeptics Make The Best Patients – I Am Amazed At How Much Better I Feel!

I wanted to take a moment to chronicle my story of healing and ongoing restoration. A year ago, February 2014, I called Dr. Baker’s office out of desperation. I was in incredible neck pain and had already been to my primary care doctor who referred me to a neck and back specialist with the idea I would be heading for surgery. So, with little hope… but lots of pain, I figured I’d try anything … [Read more...]